I know it’s been a couple of years, as most of you may know my brother got hurt so we’ve been sidelined a little bit but we cannot possibly thank each and every single one of you for saving his life. You guys mean everything to us. Thank you we are so grateful. We owe you the world. - Nathan Leone

Hello! Sorry I’ve been MIA for months, I’ve been super busy and haven’t really had the time or the motivation to be making gifs.  Amongt various other ~personal issues~ I’ve started a new job which is consuming my life at the minute and as it’s nearly ‘that’ time of year again, youknow, September? Where all your friends bugger off to uni and leave you alone for months on end? Yeah as that’s rolling around I’m spending as much time with them as I can aaaand I’ve just got back from a glorious two weeks in Spain so as you can probably imagine the internet’s the bottom of my to do list at the minute and has been for a while BUT excuses aside on said two week holiday I did have a few spare hours of an evening whilst waiting for people to get ready to do as I please and made a few gifs that I’ll stagger over the next few weeks and if all is how I think it’ll be I’ll have a hell of a lot more time once everyone’s gone off to university again so bare with me and once again, sorryyyy!